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10 Best Places To See Cherry Blossom in Japan

The annual cherry blossom in Japan season or Hanami is probably the best thing that locals and tourists look forward to every year! Here’s our take on the best places to catch cherry blossoms in Japan this season.

1. Fukuoka, Cherry Blossom in Japan

man and woman are traveling in sakura park fukuoka

Photo| Couple under Fukuoka Sakura| GETTYIMAGES – NATTHAPOL BUSSAI

Estimated dates: 26 March – 3 April 2020

Fukuoka is located at the Northern Japan and is famous for its majestic temples that double up as and perfect viewing spots during hanami, cherry blossom Japan!

The best part about spending hanami in Fukuoka is that popular viewing spots like the Fukuoka Castle and Atago Shrine are free for all, so visit early to secure the best spot!

Here’s some other stuff you’ll need for an epic Hanami experience in Fukuoka!

🌸 Fukuoka Kimono Rental
No Hanami photo’s complete without a gorgeous Japanese kimono!

🌸 Historical Hakata Tour
Enter Jotenji and Tochoji temples in one of Japan’s oldest cities!

🌸 Kyushu Rickshaw Tour
Slow things down and relish culture all around you in one of Japan’s earliest forms of transport!

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2. Kyoto, Cherry Blossom in Japan

Young girls, dressed in Kimono with red umbrella standing with cherry blossom background, Japan

Photo| Lady wearing kimono under the cherry blossoms in Kyoto| GETTYIMAGES – BENTO FOTOGRAPHY

Estimated dates: 31 March – 7 April 2020

During hanami, Kyoto’s famous cobbled stone walkways such as The Philosopher’s Path at Higashiyama  are showered with rosy cherry blossom petals and are ever so ready to have you donning the Kimono and walking along its streets, snapping about a thousand pictures as you go along!

Here’s some other stuff you’ll need for an epic Hanami experience in Kyoto!

🌸 Sagano Romantic Train One Way Ticket
Take in spectacular views of the Hozugawa Ravine as you journey through what is regarded as one of the most beautiful railway journeys in Japan!

🌸 Gion Night Tour
From traditional Japanese performances to a candlelit tea ceremony and a Zen-style meal, the Gion Night Tour will offer you the ultimate traditional Japanese experience!

🌸 Arashiyama Rickshaw Tour
Experience the best of Arishayama, right from the comfort of a Kyoto Rickshaw ride.

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3. Aomori, Cherry Blossom in Japan

Spring time with cherry blossoms in Japan full bloom.


Estimated dates: 24 April – 30 April 2020

Aomori is filled with beautiful parks that transform into something even more breathtaking during the cherry blossoms in Japan. Besides the beautiful lake in front of Hirosaki Castle, Lake Ashino in Ashino Park is home to friendly critters like deer that will make your experience all the more enjoyable!

Don’t miss an afternoon rowing your own boat down the lake amidst the falling flowers!

Here’s what you’ll need for a fuss-free Hanami experience in Aomori!

🌸 JR East Pass
Skip the queues and enjoy unlimited train rides for 5 days with Klook’s JR East Pass!

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4. Nara, Cherry Blossom in Japan

Deers at Nara park during a sunny day in the cherry blossom season, Japan.

Photo| Nara deers under the cherry blossoms trees| GETTYIMAGES – PHOTOGRAPHY BY CANCHAI LOONGROONG

Estimated dates: 1 April – 6 April 2020

Cherry blossom viewing in Nara can often be quite the gamble – on some years the season lasts a mere few days, but on others it can last up to months!

Nonetheless Nara Deer Park is always a good idea with tons of furry companions adding to the beautifully surreal image of Nara during cherry blossoms Japan.

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5. Nagoya, Cheery Blossom in Japan

In Nagoya-Shi, Japan cherry blossoms

Photo| People sitting under the cherry blossoms| GETYIMAGES – KWOK KWONG CHAO – EYEEM

Estimated dates: 28 March – 5 April 2020

The very famous Nagoya Castle has undoubtedly been one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots not only in Nagoya but the whole of Japan and for a very good reason – there are over ten different kinds of cherry trees housed there, including the very rare Gyoiko, which is known for its green blooms!

Here’s some other stuff you’ll need for an epic Hanami experience in Nagoya!

🌸 Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
Watch as killer whales and dolphins steal the show at the famous Nagoya Aquarium!

🌸 Nagoya TV Tower
Enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views at 90m above the ground at Nagoya’s top tourist attraction!

🌸 Komagatake Ropeway
Enjoy panoramic views of Senjojiki Cirque and Mount Fuji as you journey up to 2,000m aboard the Komagatake Ropeway!

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6. Osaka

Osaka castle with cherry blossom. Japanese spring beautiful scene.

Photo| Osaka Castle with Cherry blossoms around| SHUTTERSTOCK – MOUSTACHE GIRL

Estimated dates: 30 March – 6 April 2020

Osaka has over 5000 sakura trees planted all over the city, and although Osaka Castle may be the most recommended viewing spot, this viewing spot by the Tempozan Ferris Wheel just takes the cake!

Here’s some other stuff you’ll need for an epic Hanami experience in Osaka!

🌸 Universal Studios Japan Ticket
A visit to Osaka is never complete without a visit to the iconic Universal Studios Japan!

🌸 Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Visit the ever-so-friendly seals at the world’s largest dome-shaped ceiling tank and many more other marine animals at the Osaka Aquarium!

🌸 Arima Onsen Taikounoyu Spa
Dip into Japan’s oldest onsen that boasts 1300 years of history right here at the Arima Onsen Taikounoyu Spa!

🌸 Top Dining Experiences in Osaka
The kitchen of Japan: traditional dishes you must try!

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7. Hakodate, Cherry Blossom in Japan

Goryokaku Park, a popular tourist attraction of Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan. Cherry blossoms

Photo| Goryokaku Park with cherry blossoms| GETTYIMAGES – YANO KEISUKE

Estimated dates: 3 May – 7 May 2020

Just like Sapporo, Hakodate’s cherry trees bloom in the early days of May. The best place to experience the beautiful colours would have to be at Hakodate Park, where over 400 cherry blossoms bloom.

There’s also an amusement park and a small zoo, so what’s not to visit?

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8. Hiroshima, Cherry Blossom in Japan

The famous place for hanami cherry blossom in the park

Photo| Hanami Festival at Sakura park| GETTYIMAGES – NATTAPHOL BUSSAI

Estimated dates: 29 March – 5 April 2020

Japan’s city of Hiroshima boasts a handful of historical sites and shrines that’ll complement your cherry blossom-themed Instagram post well. The most famous viewing spot would have to be the Miyajima, where if you’re lucky, you might even catch a few deer there!

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9. Sapporo

 Couple Standing On Footbridge Against Cherry blossoms Trees, Japan

Photo| Couple standing under the cherry blossoms| GETTYIMAGES – YOUHEI NOJIRI – EYEEM

Estimated dates: 4 May – 8 May 2017

In Sapporo, Cherry Blossoms bloom a little later than the other parts of Japan, often in the early days of May. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, head to the former Hokkaido Government Office, which offers aesthetically pleasing photo-ops!

Here’s some other stuff you’ll need for an epic Hanami experience in Sapporo!

🌸 Sapporo Morning Bus Tour
Visit some of Sapporo’s attractions and historical sites and this comfortable and fully-guided bus tour!

🌸 Sapporo TV Tower Ticket
Enjoy landscape views of Sapporo’s skyline AND Sea of Japan atop the Sapporo TV Tower!

🌸 Mt. Moiwa Ropeway
Probably the most recommended things to do in Sapporo, the Mt. Moiwa Ropeway will have you enjoying landscape views of Sapporo at 531 meters off the ground!

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10. Tokyo, Cherry Blossom in Japan

Chidorigafuchi moat during cherry blossom season at sunset, Tokyo, Japan

Photo| Chidorigafuchi Moat with cherry blossoms| GETTYIMAGES – MATTEO COLOMBO

Estimated Dates: 28 March – 5 April 2020

Tokyo definitely isn’t shy with its cherry blossom viewing spots. And in the beautiful Meguro Canal, situated in one of Japan’s hippiest districts, Nakameguro, cherry blossom viewing is never complete without a visit to the nearby cafes and restaurants for a cup of coffee or two!

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