Top 9 Onsens in Kyushu with Popular Hotels Nearby from $91

Kyushu’s mountainous terrain and volcanic and tectonic activity has made it one of the best destinations for hot springs in Japan. Along with the famous Beppu onsen, we’re highlighting eight other popular onsens in Kyushu. These indulgent paradises feature inviting hot springs with mineral-rich water and classic Japanese gardens.

The Sea Hell Jigoku garden in Bepou, Japan

Photo| Beppu Sea Hell in Jigoku Garden | GETTYIMAGES – PNPHOTOS

With more than 400 million annual visitors to HotelsCombined, we’ve also discovered the best hotels near these onsens in Kyushu. These accommodations range from budget-friendly hotels to peaceful ryokans with Japanese-style rooms and authentic on-site dining. So we’ve got the perfect accommodation for you no matter where you find your onsen in Kyushu.

1. Harazuru Onsen, Fukuoka

Wooden Bath, Onsens in Kyushu

Photo| Onsen Wooden Bath | GETTYIMAGES – KUPPA_ROCK

One of the largest hot springs in Fukuoka, Harazuru Onsen is renowned for its water’s capabilities of promoting beautiful skin, which is referred to as ‘Double Bihadano-yu’. The onsen is home to multiple baths, including open-air baths surrounded by verdant Japanese nature.

These baths range from quiet indoor baths with intricate floor tiles to scenic outdoor baths overlooking the countryside. The Ryohokan bath is one of the best with its river and mountain views. As one of the most festive onsens in Kyushu, Harazuru Onsen also hosts a number of seasonal events and festivals throughout the year, including a herb festival and traditional cormorant fishing.

Best Hotel Nearby: Hotel Parens Onoya

Hotel Parens Onoya is popular among HotelsCombined visitors because of its spacious rooms. The hot spring inn dates back more than 130 years and boasts a scenic location on the Chikugo River. The surrounding Japanese gardens pair well with the tranquil open-air baths for men or women. There are also multiple indoor baths, including private baths that can be booked for almost two hours at a time.

Speaking of those large rooms, you can book Western and Japanese-style rooms overlooking the Chikugo River. The Japanese-style rooms come with tatami mat floors and tea rooms, while the Special Room features Western bedding, a window-side spa bath and separate living room. Book a Designer Room for a traditional stone bath and local artwork.   

Hotel Highlights

  • Carefully selected seasonal ingredients served at the on-site restaurant, including kaiseki cuisine and a breakfast buffet.
  • A short walk from parks along the Chikugo River.
  • The detached Machizuki-an house, which has Japanese gardens, plush bedding and its own hot spring bath.

Star Rating: 3*
Price: USD 91 – USD 447
Guest Rating: 8.1
Address: Hakikugumiya 1841-1, Asakura, Japan

Hotel Location

2. Tsukahara Onsen, Yufu

Tsukahara Onsen, Yufu


Overlooked by Mount Yufu and Mount Tsurumi, Tsukahara Onsen is highly regarded for its strength of acidity, high level of aluminium ions and its self-sprinkling hot spring. The latter has zero additives for filtration, boiling or circulation, making it a very natural and beneficial hot spring.

Guests who have visited the hot springs at Tsukahara Onsen have experienced recovery from fatigue, a reduction in muscle pain, help with bruising and numerous other health benefits. There are indoor and outdoor baths, including family baths that can be rented privately. Don’t miss trying the onsen’s specialty, Steamed Egg. These smoky eggs are steamed for about 20 hours in the Gaya Dake fountain.

Best Hotel Nearby: Forest Inn Born

Forest Inn Born, onsen in Kyushu

Photo| Forest Inn Born |Provided by BOOKING.COM

Forest Inn Born is a unique concept hotel with stylish and comfortable rooms and gourmet on-site dining. Let’s start with the rooms, which have eye-catching interior design blending Western and Asian styles. All of the rooms have their own private hot spring baths, whether inside or outside. The C Type is a more traditional room with a tea area, while the A and B Type rooms have Western-style living areas.

Modern comforts are evident throughout the hotel, from tea and coffee making facilities to PlayStation 3 consoles. However, dining takes centre stage, showcasing a range of local produce that’s crafted into delectable meals comprising fresh salmon, vegetables and beef. You can pay for a tasting platter or splurge on the Premium Plan, which is a truly memorable multi-course dinner. 

Hotel Highlights 

  • On-site restaurant serving seasonal seafood, vegetables and beef.
  • A private hot spring bath in every room.
  • Secluded hotel overlooked by Mount Tsurumi and Mount Yufu.

Star Rating: 3*
Price: USD 497 – USD 517
Guest Rating: 8
Address: Tsukahara 1203-6, Yufu, Japan

Hotel Location

3. Unzen Onsen, Nagasaki

Unzen Onsen

Photo| Unzen Onsen | SHUTTERSTOCK – YU201802

Unzen Onsen is a famed hot spring resort and national park. It was actually the first national park in Japan and is today known for its outdoor hot spring fields with healing sulphuric waters. The region sees a kaleidoscope of colours pass across its forests, mountains and village during the changing seasons, but the hot springs are steaming invitingly year-round.

Along with bathing in the hot springs, you can try some of Unzen Onsen’s local specialties, including the refreshing Unzen Lemonade and tasty eggs that are soft-boiled using the hot spring waters. There are a handful of interesting attractions around the village, such as the Unzen Toy Museum, Hot Spring Shrine Shimengu and Unzen Hell viewpoint.

Best Hotel Nearby: Unzen Sky Hotel

Unzen Sky Hotel, onsen in Kyushu

Photo| Unzen Sky Hotel |Provided by BOOKING.COM

Located in the centre of Unzen, Unzen Sky Hotel is a offers charming Japanese-style rooms close to the village’s restaurants, attractions and onsens. The hotel has its own indoor and open-air baths. The latter is particularly beautiful with spring blooms on the trees. The modest Japanese rooms have traditional features, such as tatami mats, rice paper screens and tea ceremony rooms.

Alternatively, you can stay in a Western-style room, which has two single beds, a sitting area and views of three surrounding mountain peaks. Don’t forget to explore the exotic menu items at the on-site restaurant, which also serves an enticing breakfast. The 4-star hotel also has massage services, table tennis and a gift shop.

Hotel Highlights 

  • Metres from Unzen Toy Museum, Unzen Hall and the Mt. Unzen Visitor Center.
  • Peaceful onsen hotel with an open-air bath and Japanese-style rooms.
  • Authentic Japanese dining at the on-site restaurant.

Star Rating: 4*
Price: USD 110 – USD 201
Guest Rating: 7
Address: 323-1 Unzen Obama Street, Unzen, Japan

Hotel Location

4. Kurokawa Onsen, Oita

Kurokawa Onsen

Photo| Boiling Egg on a Hot Spring in Japan | GETTYIMAGES – LACHOUETTEPHOTO

One of the most picturesque onsens in Kyushu, Kurokawa is a charming onsen town along the Tanoharu River, about 20 kilometres north of Mount Aso. You’ll notice an old-world ambience here, from the wooden buildings and stone stairways to the abundance of green foliage. Follow the laneways to discover traditional ryokans, public hot springs and tiny shops and restaurants.

Kurokawa Onsen is home to a number of outdoor hot spring baths, many of which are positioned next to the river. You can find historic onsens within the centre of town, while the outskirts reveal larger baths with impressive countryside views. Fortunately, you can purchase passes that allow you to visit more than one onsen.

Best Hotel Nearby: Kurokawa Onsen Yama no Yado Shinmeikan

Kurokawa Onsen Yama no Yado Shinmeikan is nestled on the Tanoharu River in the centre of Kurokawa Onsen. Here you can truly immerse yourself in this charming onsen town, visiting the hotel’s cave baths and exploring the cobblestone laneways. Along with its cave baths, the hotel has two open-air baths, a family bath and two indoor baths.

The hotel lets you experience traditional Japanese hospitality. The rooms are furnished in the traditional style with tatami mats, tea ceremony rooms and futons. You can hear the gently flowing of the river just outside. On-site dining showcases the wealth of fresh produce within the region, from wild vegetables and river-caught fish to succulent beef. 

Hotel Highlights

  • Riverside onsen hotel with cave baths and open-air baths.
  • Seasonal local produce served at the on-site restaurant.
  • Minutes’ walk from grocery stores and restaurants along the river.

Star Rating: 4*
Price: USD 361 – USD 401
Guest Rating: No Rating
Address: 6608 Minamioguni-cyo Manganji,Aso-gun, Kumamoto, Minamioguni, Japan

Hotel Location

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5. Yufuin Onsen, Oita

Yufuin Onsen

Photo| Yufuin Onsen | SHUTTERSTOCK – JAYAIBE

One of the most popular resort towns in Japan, Yufuin Onsen is located at the base of Mount Yufu. It’s populated by traditional ryokans and modern hotels, along with local cafes, boutiques and museums. However, the true draw to this onsen is its hot spring baths, which are renowned for their medicinal properties, helping with myalgia, arthritis and fatigue.

If you’re visiting during winter, wake up early to experience the morning mist that drapes over the town and nearby Kinrin Lake. Then wander around town to discover the Norman Rockwell Yufuin Museum, Otomaru Onsenkan and Yufuin Floral Village.

Best Hotel Nearby: Kutsurogi-no-Yado Nanakawa

Kutsurogi-no-Yado Nanakawa, onsen in Kyushu

Photo| Kutsurogi-no-Yoda Nanakawa |Provided by BOOKING.COM

About a one-minute walk from Kinrin Lake, Kutsurogi-no-Yado Nanakawa is a peaceful inn with two of Yufuin Onsens most popular public baths. The reputed Tanokura and Yamatokan open-air baths offer relaxed bathing for both men and women. All five rooms have indoor and open-air baths, along with a blend of Japanese and Western decor.

Just imagine, stepping out of your private hot spring bath then strolling to the hotel’s restaurant for a feast of Japanese specialties. Every meal is crafted using gourmet ingredients sourced locally. In winter, expect sashimi and crab shabu, while in summer you can dine on Oita’s famed Bungo beef.

Hotel Highlights

  • Close to the lake, so you can easily walk there to bathe in the mornings.
  • Minutes’ walk from Yufuin Floral Village and the Yufuin Retro Motor Museum.
  • Separate sitting areas and private terraces with open-air baths in all the rooms.

Star Rating: 4*
Price: USD 584 – USD 1,204
Guest Rating: 9.3
Address: Yufuin-cho Kawakami 1551-8, Yufu, Japan

Hotel Location

6. Beppu Onsen, Oita

Beppu Onsen


The famous Beppu Onsen comprises more than 2,900 hot springs in the city of Beppu. Overlooking Beppu Bay, the city not only treats you to brilliant natural sights, but also boasts the largest number of hot springs in the world and the most hot spring water in Japan.

The hardest decision is choosing which hot springs to visit. The best hot springs in Beppu include the atmospheric Onsen Hoyo Land, which has rare mud and steam baths, and the one-of-a-kind Tanayu. This massive complex has a number of picturesque outdoor pools and the neighbouring mixed-gender Aqua Garden hot spring.

Best Hotel Nearby: Okamotoya Ryokan

Okamotoya Ryokan

Photo| Okamotoya Ryokan |Provided by BOOKING.COM

Okamotoya Ryokan is housed within century-old buildings from the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras. Established in 1875, the Japanese inn features alluring hot spring baths with a cloudy green tint that’s soft and promises medicinal benefits. The surrounding foliage changes with the seasons. Inside, there are two stone baths and two larger baths for men and women, including one overlooking Myoban Bridge.

We particularly love the rich finishes of the Japanese-style rooms, which have tatami mat floors, countryside views and rice paper sliding doors. Delicious flavours highlight the menu at the on-site restaurant, from fresh mackerel and special “Hell-steamed” vegetables to Kyushu steak.

Hotel Highlights

  • Luxe Japanese-style rooms with high-end furnishings.
  • A picturesque open-air bath and multiple indoor baths.
  • Located in a quiet area towards the mountains with local snack bars.

Star Rating: 3*
Price: USD 361 – USD 1,223
Guest Rating: No Rating
Address: 4 Myoban, Beppu, Japan

Hotel Location

7. Ibusuki Onsen, Kagoshima

 Ibusuki Onsen

Photo| Woman on Ibusuki Onsen | GETTYIMAGES – DAJ

Soak in the medicinal hot spring waters while admiring panoramic views of the ocean at Ibusuki Onsen. Its coastal location makes it one of the most scenic onsens in Kyushu. The town’s invigorating sunamushi hot sand baths are a uniquely rejuvenating experience where all but your head is buried in sand naturally heated by volcanic steam, reaching temperatures of between 50 and 55 degrees Celsius.

Within the onsen town, you can indulge in traditional Japanese dinners comprising fresh seafood at various ryokans. There’s also an open-air onsen with incredible views of the volcano, Mount Kaimon. Visit the Iwasaki Museum to admire local artwork, including paintings and sculpture.

Best Hotel Nearby: Ibusuki Royal Hotel

Ibusuki Royal Hotel

Photo| Ibusuki Royal Hotel|Provided by BOOKING.COM

Ibusuki Royal Hotel offers modern accommodation overlooking the ocean. It’s also an easy shuttle bus ride away from the sand baths at Ibusuki Hot Spring. Choose from Western and Japanese-style rooms with ocean views. The former come with highly-rated Serta mattresses, while the latter feature tatami mats.

Those brilliant ocean views follow you everywhere, from the lobby lounge to the sun chairs around the outdoor pool. Don’t forget to visit the Ibusuki Royal Hotel Spa, where you can relieve your stress by soaking in hot spring baths, taking a yoga class or enjoying a therapeutic massage. 

Hotel Highlights 

  • Easy shuttle buses to the sand baths between 4pm and 6.30pm.
  • The open-air hot spring bath and rejuvenating treatments at the on-site spa.
  • Panoramic ocean views and cooling ocean breezes in the rooms.

Star Rating: 3*
Price: USD 112 – USD 361
Guest Rating: 7.7
Address: 4232-1 Juni-cho Ibusuki-shi Kagoshima, Ibusuki, Japan

Hotel Location

8. Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen, Kagoshima

Hirauchi onsen

Photo| Hirauchi Hot Spring | GETTYIMAGES – GYRO

Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen is one of the most unusual onsens in Kyushi in that it just out over the sea and is only accessible for bathing for about two hours before and after low tide. The water is rich in sulphur, making it effective in helping fight heumatism, neuralgia and skin diseases.

If you’re comfortable being naked with strangers, male and female, then this onsen offers a rather unique experience to be at one with nature. It’s also quite cheap, asking only for a small donation to help with maintenance and upkeep.

Best Hotel Nearby: Yakushima Umi no Cottage Tida

Looking for self-contained accommodation near one of these onsens in Kyushu? The quaint Yakushima Umi no Cottage Tida offers an assortment of individual cottages near the sea. These yellow cottages are built from Yakushima cedars and covered in natural paints. They also have full kitchens, dining tables, air conditioning, washing machines and balconies.

There’s an on-site restaurant where you can enjoy a traditional breakfast each morning. If you don’t feel like venturing out to the nearby Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen, you can relax in the hotel’s semi-open-air bath, which also overlooks the ocean. 

Hotel Highlights

  • Self-contained cottages with kitchens, single beds, dining tables and balconies.
  • Juice, beer and other beverages available to purchase in each cottage’s fridge.
  • You can rent hammocks, rice cookers and seasoning sets.

Star Rating: 3*
Price: USD 121 – USD 127
Guest Rating: No Rating
Address: Yuhaku 211-52, Yakushima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Hotel Location

9. Yakushima Onsen, Kagoshima

Yakushima Onsen, Kagoshima

Photo| Yakushima Onsen | GETTYIMAGES – SAM SPICER

Yukushima Onsen is a World Heritage-listed site with several public baths overlooking the ocean. The one at JR Hotel Yakushima is particularly popular for its large indoor and outdoor hot spring baths overlooking where the East China Sea and Pacific Ocean meet. Many travellers consider it one of the most scenic onsens in Kyushu.

The chemical properties of the water help with various ailments, including fatigue, stiff joints, sports paralysis, myalgia, sprains and gastrointestinal disorders. Many travellers visit the onsens after exploring the mountains and other natural attractions around Yakushima, such as the Yakushima Fruit Garden and Senpirono Falls.

Best Hotel Nearby: JR Hotel Yakushima

JR Hotel Yakushima

Photo| Jr Hotel Yakushima|Provided by BOOKING.COM

JR Hotel Yakushima overlooks a vast expanse of Pacific Ocean and East China Sea. It’s also minutes from some of the best onsens in Kyushu. Backed by the magnificent Mount Mocchomu, this popular hotel has sprawling indoor and outdoor hot spring baths with ocean views. It also has an inviting restaurant serving Japanese and Western specialties, including fresh seafood.

Want to heighten your relaxation? Book a full-body Thai massage at the on-site spa or kick back in the library. There’s also an area for washing your hiking boots, an internet corner, multipurpose hall and gift shop. Almost all of the guest rooms have ocean views and include lounge seating, work desks and flat-screen TVs.

Hotel Highlights 

  • The nutritious and delicious Western and Japanese-inspired breakfast buffet.
  • The tea ceremony room, ocean-facing bath and tatami mats in the Japanese-Style Room.
  • A range of Thai-style body treatments in the on-site day spa.

Star Rating: 4*
Price: USD 283 – USD 429
Guest Rating: 9
Address: 136-2 Onoaida, Yakushima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Hotel Location

Indulge in Traditional Japanese Style at These Onsens in Kyushu

Women bathing on one of the onsens in Kyushu

Photo| Women Bathing at Hot Spring | GETTYIMAGES – BOHISTOCK

If you’re looking for the best onsens in Kyushu, these nine are certainly worth your attention. With multiple hot spring baths and beautiful natural settings, including rivers, forests and oceans, they provide a serene escape in which to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. They’re also surrounded by excellent hotels and inns with their own authentic Japanese restaurants, rooms and hot springs.

Which of these onsens in Kyushu do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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