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I’m a blogger, history buff, and serious over packer, currently based in Taiwan. Eats, drinks, and destinations are my thing. When I’m not writing about those, I’m either hitting up the local hot springs or slurping down a bowl of sesame noodles. I hope to one day do both at the same time.
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The Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Best Atlantic City Boardwalk Hotels for Every Budget

Atlantic City boardwalk hotels may be known for their high-rolling casinos. But there’s much more on the cards for those who hit up the resorts along this historic strip. Built in 1870 (we hear) to keep sandy feet out of the town’s swisher establishments, AC’s boardwalk is the neon-soaked center of Jersey beach life.
Sebastian Morgan
Clearwater Beach, Florida

13 Clearwater Beach Hotels We’re Dreaming About

Powdery white sand, fiery sunsets, and buzzing nightlife. — Clearwater Beach hotels have it all right on their doorstep. Located along America’s best beach, these beautiful seaside escapes are where everyone is dreaming about right now.
Sebastian Morgan
Canadian Pacific Railway Train through Banff National Park Canada

8 Spectacular Scenic Train Rides You Need to See to Believe

Sometimes it’s the journey, not the destination, that makes traveling really special. This is especially true when it comes to scenic train rides. Seriously, we challenge you to think of anything more dreamy than losing yourself in a rolling display of dramatic mountain valleys, glacial lakes, and emerald hills as you trundle onward from A to B. Best of all, scenic train rides require minimal effort.
Sebastian Morgan
Seville Cathedral

9 Scenic Drives for the Perfect Spain Road Trip

Regardless of where the rain in Spain may fall, Europe’s fourth-largest country offers some of the most thrilling drives on the continent. From the serrated summits of Catalonia’s coastal mountains to Andalucia’s picturesque white villages to the striking greenery of the north coast, each region packs its own unique surprises for anyone willing to get out of the towns and deviate from the highways.
Sebastian Morgan
Backpackers playing with Quokkas

7 Epic Hikes in Australia – Top Treks Down Under

From copper-red bushwalks to indigo-tinted climbs up the Blue Mountains, hikes in Australia are both accessible and out of this world. The over 7.5 million square kilometers that make up this great land down under cover every type of climate and geography, guaranteeing something dramatically different wherever you go.
Sebastian Morgan
Group of female friends on motorcycle road trip

Full Throttle: 7 Extraordinary Motorcycle Rides across the US

There's something about motorcycle rides that just isn’t quite the same in a car — the unobscured views, the closeness to nature, the exhilaration of a ribbony mountain highway. A ride can take you to places you’d never reach without your own two wheels.
Sebastian Morgan
High Angle View Of Houses Against Blue Sky

Visit Sicily: 6 Great Escapes You’ve Never Even Heard Of

Everyone wants to visit Sicily, and it’s not hard to see why. Just off the toe of Italy’s boot, this...
Sebastian Morgan
Misty Autumn Foliage in Rural Vermont

Best Budget Hotels in Vermont for Fall Foliage

For nature lovers, few sights are quite so eagerly anticipated as New England’s breathtaking fall foliage. This impressive natural display begins in late September when changing leaves fill the countryside with rusty reds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows.
Sebastian Morgan
Church of Saint John the Theologian at Kaneo, overlooking Ohrid lake, Macedonia.

Here are 15 of Europe’s Most Soul-Soothing Lake Getaways

It’s one of those unwritten rules that everyone agrees on — life is just better next to a body of water. Of all the hidden gems and seasonal city escapes that Europe has to offer the intrepid traveler, few compare to its idyllic lake getaways. From Italy’s big-name bodies to Croatia’s forest-shrouded pools, Europe’s lakes have for centuries inspired, healed, and astounded those who visit them.
Sebastian Morgan