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I’m a blogger, history buff, and serious over packer, currently based in Taiwan. Eats, drinks, and destinations are my thing. When I’m not writing about those, I’m either hitting up the local hot springs or slurping down a bowl of sesame noodles. I hope to one day do both at the same time.
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hiker looking at Mt Cook from lake with iceberg, New Zealand

Discover New Zealand by Car – South Island Road Trip

Striking mountain scenery, dramatic icy fjords, sacred Maori heartlands — you’ll find them all on New Zealand’s South Island. Also known by its native name, Te Waipounamu, this southern frontier is a jagged landscape of rocky extremities and plunging cerulean lakes. You could spend years exploring this thrilling natural playground. But if you’re short on a time, don’t worry. The very best of this beguiling region can be condensed into a well-planned South Island road trip.
Sebastian Morgan
Australia, Queensland, Whitsunday Island, carefree man jumping at Whitehaven Beach

TOP 9 Secluded Beaches That Will Take Your Breath Away

Admittedly, it might be some time before responsible for international travel is back on the cards. Once it is though, you can be sure that the world’s top bucket list destinations—you can be sure—are going to be heaving with tourists. If you want to escape the crowds, your only shot for some real respite will likely be on the world’s most secluded beaches.
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Woman With Arms Outstretched Standing At Vineyard

Where to Go Wine Tasting in Australia: A Full-Bodied Guide

With an unparalleled variety of climates and terroirs to chose from, wine tasting in Australia outshines most other New World destinations. Concentrated in the southwestern and southeastern corners of the country, local vineyards have been thriving Down Under since the early 19th-century. Fruity, full-bodied Shirazes are the national claim to fame. But Aussie grapes are a diverse bunch, ranging from killer Cabernets to refreshing Rieslings.
Sebastian Morgan
New Orleans Downtown Skyline along the Mississippi River

New Orleans’s Best Central Business District Hotels

In a city with as much personality as New Orleans, deciding where to stay can be a real challenge. The Crescent City is a quilt of dynamic districts and charismatic quarters, each with its own unique charm and personality. You’re going to want to base yourself centrally if you want to take full advantage of all that’s on offer. It’s surprising then that many first-timers in the city overlook Central Business District hotels. Snuggly squeezed between the French Quarter and Garden and Warehouse districts, these upscale establishments are on the doorstep of the city’s best restaurants, live music venues, and historic sites.
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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Financial district.

Best Spots for a Luxury Staycation in Singapore

With the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like international travel is going to be off-limits for much of this year. It’s terrible timing because, especially with the way 2020 is shaping up, we could all do with a vacation. However, for those that are reading in Singapore, prospects aren’t quite as gloomy as you think. As the city-state brings its number of cases under control, select local hotels are offering some fantastic packages for those in need of a sweet escape. In short, its the perfect time for a staycation in Singapore.
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Man with planet earth in hands

These Endangered Travel Destinations are Disappearing by the Day

In 2019, UNESCO threatened to strip Venice of its World Heritage status after it suffered some of the worst flooding seen in decades. A site of “outstanding universal value,” the Floating City’s struggles with climate change, mass tourism, and soaring living costs have led it to be considered one of Europe’s most endangered travel destinations. Some experts have even warned that rising sea levels could submerge Venice permanently by 2050.
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Two female friends eating burger in a restaurant

Where to Eat and Stay in Phoenix: Your Neighborhood Guide

Arizona’s biggest city is famous for its dusty red landscape and strikingly blue skies. But there’s far more to a stay in Phoenix than just great weather. Like the mythical bird from which it takes its game, this is a city with a surprising ability to reinvent itself. Give yourself a couple of days to look around, and you’ll discover gorgeous mountain hikes, an endearingly quirky bar scene, and a smattering of peculiar local galleries.
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rooftop party

Thirsty? Here are NYC’s Best Hotels with Sky Bars

Forget the Central Park in mid-winter and the One World observation deck — New York looks its best when viewed through the bottom of a glass. From sunsets over the Manhattan skyline to landmark views you couldn’t otherwise enjoy without breaking into someone’s Midtown penthouse, New York’s hotels with sky bars offer one-of-a-kind vantage points.
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These 17 Historic Hotels Have Incredible Stories to Tell

These 17 Historic Hotels Have Incredible Stories to Tell

Historic hotels promise a different kind of vacation. From time-shrouded taverns to fairytale castles, each has its own storied past just waiting to be revealed. Some lived previous...

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